Nutrition, Balance, Food & Joy

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About Us

Nutrition, Balance, Food & Joy

Here @thehouseofnutri we believe that food is joy. We also believe that saying ‘yes’ is one of the secrets to boundless happiness. That’s right, we’re not about restriction, we are about loving yourself. So, say ‘yes’ to the cake! Living well is all about balance and there’s really no reason you can’t nourish your happiness as well as your gut. The two are inextricably linked after all. We’ve created this space to give you ideas and insights into food, lifestyle, health and nutrition to ultimately achieve wellness in ALL areas of your world.


Offering free recipes and ideas that inspire us along with our wellness packs that we’ve lovingly put together, tried and tested especially for you! All of our packs provide for every moment of your day and include nourishing recipes, nutrition facts and lifestyle techniques to help you achieve the balance. You can buy and download our digital packs which all provide information about food and lifestyle. You can also mix and match with our gorgeous range of smoothies and juices to add another layer of goodness to your new path of nourishment. But wait, we don't stop there, subscribe to our newsletter dedicated to giving you the balance too, we look at mindfulness, yoga, fitness, laughter, social awareness, our space and creating hygge!

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What you say about NutriNourish​

“Just a few words to say thank you, your advice has helped me so very much and the wellness pack that I purchased provided the guidance and inspiration my body and I needed”

— Sarah, NY USA

“Some lovely ideas here and great food options to explore, it's a breath of fresh air, Thank You”

— Ingrid - UK