Nutri Swaps

We cannot emphasise enough, the importance of eating ‘real’ food, by this we don't mean diet or low-fat options, we think eating as much fruit and veg as you can with fish and meat and lots of variety is the best way. Plenty of water, avoiding too much-processed foods and organic wherever possible of course.

Here are some easy food swaps, don’t be alarmed, no one is telling you to completely swap coffee for green tea, on the contrary, coffee in moderation is absolutely gorgeous and it’s even been reported ‘good for you’ by many researchers. We say, anything you enjoy is good for you.

The point of the swap is to swap it on occasion. For example; ‘today I’ll have a green tea with my lunch instead of coffee, but I’ll still be having that first one in the morning’ this right here is moderation and totally doable. The same goes for meat, sugar, cake, alcohol etc. When you approach something in this way it is sustainable and you’re more likely to keep these going for good.

salmon with lemons

  • Green tea instead of English breakfast tea or coffee.

  • Real fruit juice not from concentrate instead of cordial or cheap sugar-laden juices. Water is best of course.

  • Fresh fruit and veggies from small local producers wherever possible.

  • Juice instead of alcohol midweek.

  • A day or two off meat completely. 

  • A wheat-free day or two.

  • An alcohol-free week (Don’t worry, we wouldn’t insist on the weekend too, we’re not monsters!)

  • Popcorn instead of biscuits.

  • Fruit instead of cake.

Walking up steps in training shoes.
Tea Set
  • Butter instead of margarine

  • Honey instead of sugar (Avoid sweetener completely)

  • Full fat or semi skimmed milk, organic. Instead of skimmed milk.

  • Goats milk is even better as it has more nutrients than cow’s milk and is easier to digest. Dairy-free options are readily available now and make a great alternative if you're being animal welfare and environmentally conscious. We are all for this! Why not just swap to dairy-free for a couple of days a week?

  • Stir-fry veggies and rice one night instead of chicken.

  • Chicken today instead of beef, keep red meat to a minimum anyway where possible.

  • Fish instead of chicken.

  • Brown rice or quinoa and grains instead of white rice.

  • Brown/wholemeal or seeded bread instead of white.

Fresh Tomato Salad

Then we move to movement​

  • This morning I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Today I will walk the long way round.

  • This weekend I could just go swimming at the local gym (why not?)

  • I’m going to try that yoga DVD at home.

  • I might try that yoga class.

  • I could probably jog some parts of my walk.. Naaa!


OK ok so maybe jogging is a step too far right now, but you get the idea. These swaps allow you to be kinder to your body in an easy, stress-free way. A way that doesn’t feel insurmountable.

These swaps are really just a case of being mindful about your choices, listening to and understanding what your body is telling you.

This is for life not for a week, the reason we layout our swaps in this way without the pressure is to ensure that you can follow this guide and continue to follow it as a way of life. If you try it, soon enough many of the swaps will become a preference and second nature to your daily/weekly rituals and you won't even consider them swaps.

Go ahead and add your own swaps in too, create a simple chart and stick it on your fridge. Use your common sense and don’t be too restrictive, remember this is for the long hall.