Nutri Life

What is Nutri Life

As we touch on in our introduction, we see the importance of balance in life as a whole, not just in what we eat.

Your heart and mind need nourishment too so don’t neglect them. Across the modern world we see that some of the happiest society’s have very little in the way of material commodities. But they are rich none the less and have known more happiness it seems than many of us, particularly in the western world could ever really contemplate. We look at why such contentment exists and how we can get it. We explore different methods of obtaining this ‘inner peace’ and attempt to make it simple and straight forward for you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do.

Nutrition, Balance, Food & Joy

The Balance

@thehouseofnutri we work hard to find the secrets to a balanced lifestyle, one that brings happiness and peace. We want to make living well, easy, fun and inspiring. It's a journey that is continuously giving us new insights into the way that we take care of our bodies. One of the most revealing things that we've learned is that in order to be truly healthy, we must place as much importance on the way we spend our time, the people we keep connections with and our surroundings as we do on our diet..

In Buddhism they call it the Middle Way, @thehoueofnutri we call it balance. But the meaning in it's truest form is basically the same; reject extremes and welcome moderation in all things, be it, emotional, social and physical. Rather than applying pressure and berating yourself for something not done, ask yourself if you can make a small easy change tomorrow that will make a difference. This way you will begin to allow yourself to be less weighted and there, in those moments a little peace ensues.